Our lovely little man Max has just celebrated his 2nd year on planet Earth and he has a couple of words that make us laugh.

First up is “fafu” (sometimes sounds like “safu” or similar variations).
Max has become quite used to us (and the doctor) using an ear thermometer to take his temperature. We recently got him a medical play set, and he walks around with the toy thingy-for-looking-in-ears pretending that it’s a thermometer, sticking it in his ears, our ears, teddy’s ears (etc) while making the *beep* sound, thing is he follows it with “fafu” when it takes it out of the ear. So we hear, “*Beep* Fafu”. We can’t for the life of us figure out what “fafu” is, but it sounds like a fun kinda thing to say.

The other word is “coshair”. This seems to be Max’s word for triangle. I think it may actually be “corner”, because he walks around the dining table stopping at each corner to point and say (with great enthusiasm) “Coshair”.

So Max is really proving himself to be trilingual – English, Mandarin & Maxese.

BTW – Max isn’t really named for Maxwell Smart, but he did figure out the whole shoe/slipper-phone thing all by himself (ref photo)


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