Get Trucked!

OK, before I enrage any truckies out there…

  1. I have a heavy vehicle licence
  2. I do think Jeremy Clarkson did go a little too far with the comment he made about British lorry drivers

I just love it when I’m driving down a three-lane highway (Springvale Rd specifically) in an 80km/h zone, and all three lanes a putling along at 55km/h. Generally the reason for this is that somewhere up ahead there are three trucks all next to each other blocking anyone’s attempt to overtake and do a speed anywhere near the “speed limit”. It’s just plain discourteous. There must be something that can be done.

Now, don’t get me started on people who leave 2½ car-lengths between them and the car in front when they’re sitting at a red light (especially when that means that other drivers can’t access either the left or right-hand turn lanes).


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