iPhone fun

The Mrs just got herself an iPhone, but how to get her contacts from her Nokia?

Here’s the fun bit…

  1. Configured her email (etc) to work via Exchange (yes, I run an Exchange Server 2007 at home for our emails)
  2. Left her with her iPhone in the lounge room watching TV (So You Think You Can Dance) while I headed to the study
  3. Plugged her Nokia in and sync’ed via PC Suite to Outlook

At this point she came in to see what I was doing (and that I was still alive etc).

  • Mrs: What’cha doin?
  • Me: Your contacts
  • Mrs: Oh. Do you need my iPhone?
  • Me: Have you got it there?
  • Mrs: Yeah. (pulls it out of her pocket and tries to hand it to me)
  • Me: No, no. Just check your contacts
  • Mrs: Hey, they’re all here
  • Me: (grinning) Yep.

Man, don’t you just love it when technology actually works?
I really love the job Apple have done integrating ActiveSync into the iPhone. Something that others could really learn from (yeah, I’m looking at you Blackberry!)


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