IT and the small church office – Part 1: PCs

Buy them. Yeah I know that you’ve got people who want to donate their old PCs to you. But think… if they don’t want them, why would you? Experience has shown me that donated (used) PCs end up costing too much.

On the flip side, you don’t have to spend a bucket load of money either. For most small offices the prebuilt systems you can get from most small computer shops should be your best buy. Check out a couple in your area and see what kind of deal you can get (you’ll be surprised what you can get for around $500 these days).

Just a word of warning… don’t try to save money by getting the “Home” versions of Windows (XP/Vista/7) as some of the network features are disabled.


3 Responses to IT and the small church office – Part 1: PCs

  1. Steve Kryger says:

    Just came across this post via @stevefogg. What are your thoughts on Macs vs PCs for ministry?


    • Neil Nuttall says:

      Hey Steve,
      You’re actually preempting one of my future posts, but that’s cool.
      I actually have no strong feelings either way. I’ve always been a PC/Windows man, but that doesn’t mean that I’m anti-Mac. Here at Crossway we run a Windows environment, but I’m hoping over the next year or so that we’ll be a Mac friendly enviroment. Windows will still be our primary platform, but I’d like to allow for the introduction of Macs in our media/production/communications/creative ministry departments as/if they need them.
      From a network admin & management perspective I love the features that are in Vista & Win7. I’m not sure what Apple offers in that area and so I’m a little cautious about even thinking about switching to Mac en mass.


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