Is your church IT geek plugged in?

One the greatest problems doing IT in a church office is that it’s very easy to feel that you’re operating in a vacuum. Even in a larger church like Crossway where I have over 150 users on our system, I’m still the Lone Ranger (although I do have a casual Tonto who does come in about 1.5 days a week). So it’s very easy to get lost in the forest and see only trees.

Networking is the solution. No, not Ethernet or Wi-Fi, but real face-to-face networking (and social networking sites of course). About a year ago I came across the CITRT (Church IT RoundTable) in the US and thought how great it would be if I could tap into something locally (here in Australia). To my dismay I couldn’t find anything, so after a few emails back an forth between different churches in Melbourne (and interstate) I took a step of faith and initiated CITRT Australia.

Conf09-Thu-5633September this year (2009) was a major milestone for us as we had our very first roundtable meeting as part of Crossway Conference. There were 20+ guys & girls representing churches large and small from all over Australia. In our brief two hours we covered topics ranging from how to integrate Macs into an Active Directory environment to cheap NAS solutions for small offices.

So, how can you get plugged in?
First up, visit the CITRT Australia Google Groups page and become a member.
Then, fill in the Australian Church IT Survey so that we can find out a little bit more about you & your church.

Hopefully by the 2010 conference we’ll be double in size and have a really supportive Aussie church IT community.


One Response to Is your church IT geek plugged in?

  1. Jason Powell says:

    And for those curious the “global” CITRT resource is at … we’ve got a lot of church IT resources to check out.
    Love that CITRT is international now 🙂


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