Is Google being anti-competitive?

OK, so I finally received my Google Wave invite and now I’m setting it up. After signing in this is the first screen I see.image I’m sorry Google, but isn’t this being a little anti-competitive? I’m an IE user. I did toy with using Firefox exclusively about two years ago (when it was all the buzz), but these days I generally don’t use it. Safari on the PC? Well, I looked at it, but what’s the point? So what about Chrome Frame in IE? Last time I had Chrome Frame installed IE was crashing on every second site I visited.

So that leaves me with Chrome. I like Chrome. Great UI, nice and fast etc. If it weren’t for the fact that one of the reasons I use IE is because it’s what all my users have in their SOE, I might just use Chrome exclusively. What I object to is being told I have to.

There you have it, you can use Google Wave so long as don’t use the market leading web browser. I wonder if it works with Opera?


4 Responses to Is Google being anti-competitive?

  1. Alison says:

    They don’t support Opera or Flock either.

    I wouldn’t call IE the “market leading” web browser until it’s not installed-by-default and people still install and use it. In terms of people actually manually installing and *choosing* to use it… ahahaha


    • Neil Nuttall says:

      IE is the market leader by the simple fact that it is browser that most people are using. Looking at Crossway’s website, 68% of the visits are from IE (17% FF, 11% Safari, 2% Chrome, 0.5% Opera).
      Why it is that most people use IE is another argument (is MS being anti-competitive? Well the EU think so), but you can’t argue that the majority of the web’s audience use IE (whether by choice or defualt).


  2. Alison says:

    PS What are your impressions of Google Wave itself? I haven’t figured out what it actually does / is useful for…


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