Kick Butt Kiosks

After several months of planning, design and prototyping, our new checkin kiosks arrived just the other day.

For those of you who live and breath within the church IT world, those words may sound a little familiar. That’s because they’re lifted from inspired by this blog post from Jason Powell.

If you check out his post (specifically the pictures), you’ll see why. The kiosks themself have been inspired by what they have at Granger Community Church. In the US the kiosks are supplied by a company called Cornerstone Cabinetry. We did toy with the idea of having shipped from the US to Australia (which was actually very competitively priced… surprisingly), but in the end opted to design our own and have a local cabinet maker (About Town Cabinets & Shopfitting) do the work so that we could match the style and materials of other items we already have from them.

DSC00286 So, here’s the end result.
The top of the unit features a fixed shelf which is ample size for the touchscreen, printer, barcode scanner and keyboard (when required). The LG touchscreens can be folded completely flat allowing for the aluminium roll-top to be closed (and locked).

We’re still commissioning/configuring the hardware, but I’ll do a part two and show you more when they’re up’n’running in our new kids checkin area, but that probably won’t be until February.

Major props to Russell Oettinger (our Facilities Manager) and Robin (from About Town) who all contributed to the final design.


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