Let Earth receive her King

Photo by: flickr.com/bronsonburnerI have to say this in a public forum. I just have to.

On the weekend we attended Crossway’s Christmas show, and it was simply awesome. Of all the things we (IE Crossway) have done in the past, this year’s show would have to be the tightest, best paced, most well produced show ever.

Well done to all!
Well done to:

  • The media/production team who again pushed themselves to even higher levels
  • The creative team for devising and producing a quality products
  • The band for playing so wonderfully (off stage for the first time)
  • The singers for, well, singing so fantastically
  • The dancers for bringing such great energy
  • The players for linking it all together so well
  • The soloists (singers & instrumentalist) for sharing their special talents
  • The many many other backstage and front-of-house people who did their jobs so well that they were invisible

Brilliant! Thank-you for putting on a Christmas show that everyone will remember.


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