GodMode and other tips

We have all wanted, at some stage or another, to be master of our own universe and to that end much hullabaloo has been made recently about Windows 7’s super-secret hidden GodMode. If you want to read about it head over to CNet. Interestingly this (and others) also work in Vista (if anyone still cares about Vista). However, much like Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty, for us mere mortals GodMode really isn’t that great. All it really does is put all of Windows’ various settings in one location which, while convenient, doesn’t really endow you with any god-like powers nor expose that hidden setting that turns off all the delays that you just know Microsoft have built into Windows at the request of hardware manufacturers so that you’ll need to buy new hardware. Actually I find it all a bit of a yawn.

If, however you’re looking for some genuine tips to try in Windows 7 check out this series that Stuart of at Church Techy has started.

What about you? Found any good tips, secrets, registry hacks that you’d like to share with the rest of the world? Post a comment and let us know.


One Response to GodMode and other tips

  1. Stuart says:

    Neil … thank you for the link love.

    I really appreciate the push and do enjoy reading your blog and tweets. Keep on keeping on.


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