My tweets for today…

  • 21:00 My tweets for today…: #
  • 08:00 "Thanks" to #channel9 ‘s crappy #olympics coverage I’m not watching the Can vs USA gold medal ice hockey match. #fail #
  • 12:38 Putting the finishing touches on our #fellowshipone FDC data. Upload in 10… 9… 8… #
  • 13:39 OK @WCSteed our #fellowshipone FDC has been uploaded and is ready for your data conversion team. A new era for @crossway_church #
  • 14:08 RT: @Stevefogg Apparently @Crossway_church can be summarised by a 6mb data file. Not alot of MB but 1000’s of precious people. #
  • 16:06 Hmmm… not having a lot of fun churning an ADSL2 service from #tpg to #iinet (iinet guys refer: 75613364 & 75786550) #
  • 17:53 RT: @longzheng releasing Geosense for Windows – a Windows 7 geolocation sensor // SWEET!!! #
  • 18:12 I love companies that are proactivly supporting their customes. Just got a call from David from #iiNet based on my previous tweet 🙂 #win #

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