My tweets for today…

  • 21:00 My tweets for today…: #
  • 07:28 I wish #theplanet had a PoP in Australia (Mel/Syd) or peered with #iinet #
  • 10:05 Despite being on the west coast, Saddleback is still too far. Google says this best route Have fun without me #citrt #
  • 10:15 RT: @alicam Trying to get my head around (@PornForBibles) // Ooooo-kaaaaay 😐 #
  • 15:39 Lovin the lifetime warranty on #hp #procurve gear. 1 day turnaround on replacing a faulty wifi AP #
  • 20:38 @tlphipps Grrrrr I got a quote today for 6/6Mbps for $1300AUD for 250GB + $2/GB excess. I’m not loving your cheap FiOS #citrt #
  • 20:41 RT @mmcconnell: Downloads up to 322TB per second! HOLY COW!!!! #citrt // Me want now!!! #

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