Rick Warren, Technology & Bad Girls In Heat

Bad Girls In Heat Earlier in March Saddleback Church hosted the National (US) Church IT RoundTable. As some of you may know I’ve been trying to get a local Victorian/Australian chapter of the CITRT up’n’running and I would have loved to be there. Anyway, for those who don’t know Saddleback is one of the largest churches in the US and it’s Pastor, Rick Warren one of the most influential church leaders in that country (he lead the prayer at President Obama’s inauguration and is the author of the best selling The Purpose Driven Life).

The delegates at the CITRT had a nice surprise when Pastor Rick Warren made an unscheduled visit to speak about technology and the mission of the church. Now we can all benefit from from his drop-in visit, as the CITRT guys have put the video online.
Check it out here: www.citrt.org
Oh, and if you want to know what Bad Girls In Heat have to do with all this, watch all the way through to the Q&A at the end.

For a great deconstruction of the Pastor Rick’s talk (with no mention of the Bad Girls In Heat… c’mon Steve, what’s with that?) head over to Steve Fogg’s Clear & Simple blog.


4 Responses to Rick Warren, Technology & Bad Girls In Heat

  1. Neil Nuttall says:

    There’s also an article in the most recent edition of Christian Computing Magazine


  2. Neil Nuttall says:

    Jason Powell (CITRT/Granger Community Church) has also blogged about this.
    And for those wondering, it was him who asked Rick Warren the hot sauce question during the Q&A.


  3. Jeff Benson says:

    Great session – wasn’t sure i had the time to watch it but afterwards was sooo glad I made the time. Thanks Neil!


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