My tweets for today…

  • 21:00 My tweets for today…: #
  • 06:56 @scottgagon We did a live Skype interview too in all 3 services. Atlanta GA to Melbourne Au. Used a dedicated ADSL for max bandwidth #citrt #

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4 Responses to My tweets for today…

  1. Simmi says:

    Who was the skype interview with Neil… :)?


    • Neil Nuttall says:

      It was with Margaret Spicer. She currently heads up Willow Creek in NZ but she’s coming on board in December as the new kids pastor. She’s currently in the US and was speaking to us from Altanta. Dale interviewed her live (with video) in all three morning services (they replayed that interview from the 10:45am service in the 6pm service as it would have been 4am for her).
      She looks like a good fun lady who’ll whip our kids min into even better shape.


    • Simmi says:

      fantastic, from what Ive heard, really needed, what’d she talk on? and is it (will it be) in the online files??



      • Neil Nuttall says:

        Just spoke about who she is, what she’s currently doing and how excited she is about joining the team later in the year.
        As the interview wasn’t part of the sermon it won’t be available online or on the DVD/CD.


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