My tweets for today…

  • 21:01 My tweets for today…: #
  • 22:34 #Hillsong on #SundayNight on #channel7 on, well, Sunday night #
  • 23:18 Looks like @SevenNetworkau #SundayNight is doing a story on @Hillsong Any chance they’ll focus on the positives? (No) #
  • 09:11 @longzheng Is that Clippy I can see, about to jump of the top of the bridge? He always was a bit on an attention seeker #
  • 09:13 @pixel8ed What!? No doof doof? #
  • 10:27 Just worked out that if I can do all the IT projects I’d like to over the next 19.5 months it could cost up to $440K AUD. Yipes! #citrt #
  • 10:32 As much as I luv meat, I dont thnk I cud keep up w/ the #citrt peeps if I wr at #dc10. I think I shld get shares in a coronary stent company #
  • 14:25 @mburleson @darylhunter Ha Ha. True geeks 🙂 #citrt #
  • 14:31 Here’s the video link for the upcoming @Hillsong story that @SevenNetworkau will be showing on #SundayNight #
  • 20:50 RT @Stevefogg: There is absolutely NOTHING on TV tonight // That’s what PVRs are for #

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