What I taught my church communications guru about communications (updated)

My main man Steve Fogg recently blogged about an out-of-office auto reply I had setup on my email while I took a week off. Great. Thanks. Good stuff Steve.

As an IT manager not only do I have the responsibility for Crossway’s IT systems, but I also have a responsibility for our users, or in sales speak, customers, or in communications speak, audience. This is because I have a constant challenge to be able to communicate news (of updates, downtime, config changes etc) without it being deleted within 2 second of landing in a user’s inbox. With that in mind I try to keep it fresh, a funny subject, an interesting graphic, humorous examples, etc.

Now here’s the terrible, awful, naked truth… it wasn’t my idea (shhhh… don’t tell anyone). A few months ago I read a great blog post from MS dude John Mullinax that totally inspired me to get a little creative and have some fun. And how is it that I read that post? Well, I saw the post’s title: “Finally, The Post No One Expected: The Top 9 OOF Messages!”. See, now that you’ve seen that title, you want to read it too.

So, what are the lessons here?

  1. A great idea is still a great idea, even if it’s not yours
  2. Have fun with your communications

Update: 18-Jun-10

So apparently I really did inspire Steve. He’s currently on leave and here’s his out-of-office auto-reply:


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