Ministry of IT

In a church, IT is a bit of a funny thing. In most churches that I know of (mine included) it’s treated as an admin function. It doesn’t have the same glamour *cough cough* as some of the upfront ministries. But just because it doesn’t have direct impact on peoples’ lives as a pastoral ministry, doesn’t make it any less important to the body of Christ.

We all know that IT is a vital part of any organisation, the church included. And in the church context we know it’s not about having the best toys, but ensuring that the church is best equipped to serve the community. But it’s much more than that. Unlike commercial organisations, churches are not in competition with each other, in fact we should be building each other up.

This morning was a good case in point for me. I met with a delegation of three from another church, 10 minutes down the road from us, to share our experiences of implementing a new Church Management System. By sharing this and and other IT stories, we can ensure that we are doing things well and helping the church to perform the function that God intended.

With that in mind, if you have any IT roll within a church but have no contact with other IT peeps in other churches you need to ask yourself if you’re really serving the mission of the church to the very best of your ability and gifting. Take a look one of the following websites, and become part of the church IT community.


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