My tweets for today…

  • 21:01 My tweets for today…: #
  • 06:43 Welcome @agileit (Linden) to #citrt joining me from the wide brown land down-under #
  • 07:02 What?!?! No #iOS4 app updates today. Colour me shocked #
  • 07:45 From #Engadget: Leaked Telstra roadma… #
  • 09:40 RT @AndrewPitchford: Coffee required before working on Email, DNS and hosting settings. // Just leave it at "Coffee required" nuff said. #
  • 09:44 What’s this? A #WP7 phone in AU on $49 cap from #Telstra by October??? Funny, I don’t remember stepping thru a wormhole to an alt universe #
  • 09:51 Aussie churches looking for #FellowshipOne supplies. Labels: Barcode tags: We’re very happy w/them #
  • 10:11 Is this a plot? And if so whos? #conspiracytheory #chrome #google #microsoft #
  • 10:42 Ahhhh coffee 🙂 #
  • 11:30 Welcome @mattattack10 . I’m presuming the pretty one in your avatar is your GF (and that you’re the geeky looking guy 😉 Thx for following #
  • 13:07 #Neighbors are filming in our (@Crossway_Church) foyer again today. Apparently we’re a hospital #
  • 13:13 @TracyMazelin I bet most of the ppl you work with now would have no idea what those shows are (FYI "Ramsey St" is a 5min walk from here) #
  • 13:28 @TracyMazelin There’s a general store about a block away from it where I occasionally walk to to get a Coke when I need to get out #
  • 13:40 @TracyMazelin Just skip to the last line (works for me). "That’s when good neighbors become good friends." #
  • 13:44 @curtissimmons I try to keep it fairly standard #
  • 13:50 @curtissimmons My office is pretty much a bunker. Means a lot less interruptions. I usually have to go upstairs to our foyer to make calls #
  • 14:34 I’m a little peeved that the #iOS4 auto-correct dictionary seems to be EN-US only (what about EN-UK, EN-AU, EN-NZ etc?) #apple #iphone #

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