The Fellowship One Roundup

login_f1_logoSince last year I’ve blogged a little bit about some of our Fellowship One implementation experiences. Recently Fellowship Technologies themselves recently republished something from a recent blog entry, so I thought it was time to bundle everything together in one handy spot.

So, here are my Fellowship One related posts in one handy, easy to digest meal…

Databases/ChMS for Aussie Churches

While not specifically about Fellowship One, it is a quick round up of a number of ChMS options with a slant toward what might be of interest to churches down-under.
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Kick Butt Kiosks: Parts I and II

One of the best features of Fellowship One is the way it does event check-in (read: kids church). To do that you need to have PCs setup to do the job. In these two posts I chronicle the how and why of our check-in kiosks.
>>> Read on: Part I
>>> Read on: Part II

Fellowship One MacGyvered

I didn’t need to blow anything up (this time), but a little bit of Aussie ingenuity solved a problem that nobody else had seemed to crack (not even Fellowship Technology). How do you hit the Escape key on a check-in kiosk without a keyboard? My answer is here for the good of all humanity.
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If you found those useful/interesting, you might also like to check out my series on IT and the small church office.
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Even more IT geeky stuff. The full swag.
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