He already used up second but

F1Cooking1Hopefully you’re reading that heading and thinking, what the? Well, a few weeks back Fellowship Technology posted a video on their YouTube and Vimeo channels which is the the F1 Cooking Show Episode 1. The feature “recipe” (idea) comes from yours truly.

One of the really fun feature that the folk at YouTube have introduced of recent times, is the Closed Captions feature. This is computer transcription of the audio. I say this is a fun feature because there is no way anyone could ever use it for serious purpose, like actually understanding what’s being said.

So, here for your pleasure is the transcription text:

He already used up second but
He that you’ve got to use a keyboard just the fifties King see the end of the day
When the greater it was just on the screen
The a lot of prosecutors
All in Australia gave us this recipe your a lot of
So it is that if you follow that went below
You’re going to get some point this alpha or you can land it you can make a statement
On the back you’re teaching where you want it
Skinner or said
We just took this case
No keyboard necessary salvos words of the day

Understand? No? That’s OK, hit this link to check it out: YouTube
Then come back and read this post: Fellowship One MacGyvered


2 Responses to He already used up second but

  1. I guess my Texan accent got in the way of the interpretor


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