Another new year

It’s January 1 again. That time of the year when resolve to get things done (like my neighbour who, as I start writing, just broke the post NYE silence by firing up his line trimmer in an effort to get his garden under control), or to take a look back at the year gone by.

Even though I really haven’t blogged all that much this year, there were still a few good moments and people still came to read what I had to say (amazing!).

Here’s the top 5

5. Databases/ChMS for Aussie Churches

Original publish date: 4-Dec-09
Views in 2010: 111
Views total: 165
Summary: The name says it all. A short list of some possible solutions for churches looking for a good database to manage their parishioners.

4. Kick butt kiosks – Part II

Original publish date: 25-Jan-10
Views in 2010: 181
Summary: As we (at Crossway) prepaired to roll-out Fellowship One as our ChMS I documented our setup of our check-in kiosks. I’ll be doing a part III soon to document some of the modifications we’ll be making. Keep a look out.

3. Fellowship One MacGyvered

Original publish date: 28-Jul-10
Views in 2010: 190
Summary: One of Fellowship One’s best features is self-check-in using just a touchscreen and barcode scanner. One of it’s flaws is that you need a keyboard to exit it. With a bit of MacGyver-esc thinking we found a way around that one.

2. Pandora: I want to go there!

Original publish date: 21-Dec-09
Views in 2010: 293
Views total: 333
Summary: Avatar (James Cameron). ‘Nuff said.

And finally…
1. State of confusion: WP7 and carrier selection

Original publish date: 15-Oct-2010
Views in 2010: 310
Summary: Microsoft released Windows Phone 7 to much applause (deservedly so). One thing bugged me however, and that was what seemed to be a miss-match of device specs from Microsoft, the OEMs and carriers. I became so frustrated by the situation that I even emailed Steve Ballmer (MS CEO) who actually replied and had someone from MS Australia contact me. For the record, I’m still using my iPhone (another 12 months to go on the contract).

I’m not anticipating any big changes in 2011, but in whatever way I can, I hope that this blog will be a useful source of helpful information for you (both personally and in your ministry).

– Neil

PS. Now the neighbour’s fired up his lawnmower


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