Serving People–A lesson from Microsoft

Last year I was a little cheesed off about something that I felt Microsoft should address. But who to contact. A bit of Googleing (or should I say Binging) later and I’d found Steve Ballmer’s email address. I sent my rant and I was done. I never expected a reply, let alone what happened next…

Here’s the basic sequence of events:

  • I send an email to Steve Ballmer
  • He replies and CCs a number of people, include the Australian VP
  • She forwards the message to an exec with oversite of my area of concern
  • He contacts me and includes his work and mobile phone numbers and asks if we can set up a time to talk
  • We talk… for about an hour
  • He sends me some free t-shirts as a thank-you gesture

So what can we take from this? Even though Microsoft are a massive multi-national with a plethora of products and services they place real value on the customer. They listen (even if they’re the CEO), they take time out (an hour in my case), and they say thanks.

In our churches and ministries (or business for that matter), do we value our “customers” as much, or are we too focused on running programs, seminars, small group and classes?

Microsoft have impressed me (and continue to as I deal with people on the inside). Let’s hope people who contact us (our church/ministry/business) feel as valued.


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