Samsung Omnia W – Quick thoughts

Samsung Omnia WYesterday I had the opportunity to take the Samsung Omnia W (Focus Flash in other markets) for a spin. A proper spin, not just a 2 minute play in a Telstra store. I was loaned a demo unit for around half a day. This was the first real real opportunity I’ve had to use Windows Phone for myself with it hooked up to all my services (Exchange, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course Windows Live.)

So rather than do a full review (because I never really planned to, and there are other excellent reviews available), here’s a quick list of pros and cons from my perspective…


  • It’s Windows Phone, which is winning many awards and integrates with most of the services you already use without needing yet another app
  • Light. Way lighter than my iPhone 3GS, but not too light. Juuuuust right
  • Superb screen. It comes with a Super AMOLED screen. If you’ve never used a device with an AMOLED screen, take a look. The blacks are black (real black) and the colours pop
  • Physical home button. Just nice. Means you don’t have to hit the power button first
  • TellMe & the text-to-speech. I know Siri get’s all the attention, but this feature of Windows Phone pre-dates Siri on the iPhone 4S and in my opinion works better. I especially like the option to have the TTS automatically read messages when they arrive for true hand-free use
  • FM Radio. Call me old fashioned, but I like listening to radio. I wish my iPhone had a good old fashioned radio
  • Physical design. I like the squareness of the front of the Omnia W with it’s curved back, it just looks and feels right to me (as did its predecessor the Omnia 7). Of course it’s nowhere near the Nokia Lumia 800/900
  • Front facing camera. This is a win for making video calls with Tango (and Skype when it’s finally released)


  • Only 8GB. C’mon, really? OK I know that I’ve got direct access to my SkyDrive (25GB), but with photos, videos + a selection of MP3s/AACs that’s going to fill up pretty darn quickly. With no local variant of the Focus S, Samsung could have made this a mid-range device by upping the specs to 16GB
  • No Gorilla Glass. While there may be some debate as to the real benefits of Gorilla Glass, as someone who doesn’t like the bulk of a case and prefers to just slip the phone into my pocket, I wonder how long it would be before it got scratched, chipped or cracked. A screen protector would be a must-have

In summary

If this phone came with 16GB, I’d be down at my Telstra store signing up a new 2yr contract right now, especially considering that right now it comes bundled with 3 months Zune Pass for free. If you’re looking for a low-end Windows Phone or looking to replace your old feature phone with a smartphone, don’t look any further, you’ll be very happy with the Omnia W.


One Response to Samsung Omnia W – Quick thoughts

  1. Sheeds says:

    Very succinct summary 🙂 Nice work, and ta for the link! Pingback added to my site for you also…


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