Photo by Fiona SchweersI have switched. For just over two years I have faithfully carried an iPhone 3GS in my pocket and it has been my (mostly) faithful companion. But the time had come to make the switch. Did I switch up to a swanky new iPhone 4S? Nope. Did I join the mass exodus over to Android and get a Galaxy Nexus? No (as nice a phone as it is). Did I get lobotomised and now think that I should get a Blackberry? No way. The only blackberry in my life is the jam I have on my toast of a morning. No, I chose the road less travelled and went with Windows Phone.

So, what exactly did I choose? I now have a very nice Nokia Lumia 800. I wont bore you with specs as they are very readily available elsewhere on the Internet. I am not even going to get bogged down in a technical comparison. What I do plan on doing is share some of my thoughts, over the coming weeks, of living with Windows Phone. Because my experience is isolated to the Lumia (apart from a brief Samsung encounter) I will not be able to separate my experience of the software from the hardware or vice-versa. That said, the first post will be about the hardware (which is fair enough, the first experience of any device is the hardware as you unbox it). Expect part one to land in about a week (or so).

NB: If you are interested in a raw technical comparison, check out vsChart.com


3 Responses to Switcher

  1. We have Windows Phones and love Top Gear too. 🙂 If you need to set yourself up with a Starbucks app on your new windowsphone, check out our “Starbucks Finder” app (it’s free- finds your nearest open stores and lets you pay with your Starbucks card): http://windowsphone.com/s?appid=e98d574c-74c9-424e-a9a2-b111a37ba3d6


    • Neil Nuttall says:

      I was borderline going to flag your comment as spam, but then I thought why not, there are probably people who need to find a Starbucks store. I’m personally not one of them, and with only 5 stores left in Melbourne I have plenty of other choices for really really good coffee


      • Hope you’re liking the phone so far! Thanks for keeping the comment, but we wouldn’t be insulted if you want to remove it either. We were just trying to spread the Starbucks love to a new WP7 user if you were interested. 🙂 Btw, we were not lying when we said we love Top Gear, too… 🙂


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