As I sit here in my office, I can observe children (and parents, mostly mothers) arriving to use a hall facility for a home-school group. This is a once-a-week gathering that allows home-schoolers to cluster together for group classes, collaborative learning and even assembly (I think). At a personal level, and as a parent, I would never (unless circumstances dictated) consider home-schooling. And as for this weekly clustering, there is a place where they do that regularly… it’s called a school! (NB: I have nothing against home-schoolers nor their choice to home school, I just have an issue with the concept in general).

I have a 5¾ year-old son who is in grade prep at a local primary school (US readers: kindergarten grade at elementary school). Nothing too unusual there. It is, however, a large school with almost 1,000 students. One of the reasons we chose it, was that because of its size, it is able to offer a range of extra-curricular activities for students to participate in. Much to our surprise, our son had joined the Auslan Club (Australian signing language) completely of his own volition. Today at their school assembly they will be performing a song (and yes, I plan on being there). There is no way as a parent I would be able to expose him to that in a home-school environment.

I thank God for the blessing of a good great local school, skilled teachers and the abundance of educational resources we have available to us though our state schools. And I thank God for the plans, hopes and dreams He has for our son, that we don’t even know about yet. I pray we don’t get in His way.
Jeremiah 29:11
Psalm 139:13-18
John 10:10

Update – click through for video


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