About 12 years ago, I left my old church. The church where I had grown up. There church where I had served as a Sunday School teacher (briefly). The church where I served as the audio guy (for close to an eternity). The church where I had edited our weekly new bulletin. There church where I had been a youth leader. The church where I had been a deacon. I left. I needed a change. So I left.

I had good intentions of finding a new church. I had even worked out a methodology as to how I would go about it. Visiting and revisiting a number of churches and ranking them according to a number of factors. Well that was the intention anyway. Sundays came and went, and week after week I didn’t go anywhere. My problem is that I hadn’t researched the start times so I had no idea what time to go (these were before the day of every church having a website).

One Sunday I woke up with a cold. A proper cold, not a bit of runny nose. I felt terrible. Truly truly terrible. Every cell in my body was under siege and, as any man with a man-cold will tell you, I just wanted my body to quickly succumb to the virus so that I could eternally rest-in-peace. It was that Sunday, when I woke, that I said to myself “today is the day, I must go to church”. There was one church who’s starting time I knew, they were about 15mins drive away and I had about 15mins to get there. I didn’t receive miraculous healing from my man-cold that day, but something deep inside me felt right. That was 12 years ago, and aside from holidays (and other special circumstances), I’ve been there pretty much every Sunday since.

This week I have the flu, along with my wife. So today (Sunday) with various body parts aching and sore, I was there at church. As we sung our worship songs, something happened. No, not miraculous healing, but as I focused on God, I no longer felt the effects of my disease. It was very appropriate that one of todays songs was Healer (Hillsong)


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