How I Instagram on Windows Phone

As an ex-iPhone user one of the things I miss on my Lumia 800 is Instagram. But this doesn’t mean I’m completely blocked from using the service.

There are a number of Instagram viewing apps available in the Windows Phone Store. My top three would probably be:

  2. Metrogram
  3. InstaCam

The main problem with all of these is that the Instagram API doesn’t allow for uploading, only viewing. Bummer. Uploading is only available via the official Instagram app, and there isn’t one for Windows Phone (yet). There have long been rumours of it happening (especially since the Android app was released), but now that Windows Phone 8 is out, they’ll probably skip Windows Phone 7 leaving all of us gen 1 and gen 2 device owners in the dark.

So, what to do?

Option 1

Forget Instagram.

There are two ways I could go about this. Firstly InstaCam does allow uploading of photos to Facebook. This is OK, and I have tried it, but of course this is apart from the Instagram photo stream. Or I could use a completely different service, like Bubblegum. It’s a great app, but it’s Windows Phone only. Amongst all my iPhone and Android toting friends, I’d (continue to) be the lone voice in the wilderness.

Of course why use a photo service at all, I could just post my pictures directly on Twitter using Rowi. Rowi was way ahead of the official Twitter apps by including the Instagram-style (and arguably superior) photo editing and filters from Aviary. Pretty good option, as I get to share my pictures directly with my Twitter and Facebook followers, but it still places me outside the Instagram community.

Option 2

Buy Instagram from Facebook and get the devs to work on a Windows Phone version.

OK, that’s not happening any time soon.

Option 3

Carry my old iPhone with me just for the sake of taking and sharing pictures.

Nah. That’s not happening either.

Option 4

SkyDrive to the rescue (via Android)
This is how I do it.

What you will need:


  1. Take photos on your Windows Phone (just like normal)
    (Ensure you have automatic uploading turned on-
    Settings > applications > pictures+camera > Automatically upload to SkyDrive)
  2. At the comfort of your PC, launch the Instagram app within BlueStacks
  3. Choose your photo from your SkyDrive camera roll
  4. Edit
  5. Share

Of course, being on a PC, you could do some more advanced editing first, but that’s up to you.

For a bonus, I use Instagrille on my PC for keeping up-to-date with my Instagram feed.


4 Responses to How I Instagram on Windows Phone

  1. Neil Nuttall says:

    PS. With all this talk of Instagram, I should really mention where you can check my feed –


  2. Steven Fogg says:

    Option 5. Buy a new iPhone!


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