Another new year


It’s January 1 again. That time of the year when resolve to get things done (like my neighbour who, as I start writing, just broke the post NYE silence by firing up his line trimmer in an effort to get his garden under control), or to take a look back at the year gone by.

Even though I really haven’t blogged all that much this year, there were still a few good moments and people still came to read what I had to say (amazing!).

Here’s the top 5

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The Fellowship One Roundup


login_f1_logoSince last year I’ve blogged a little bit about some of our Fellowship One implementation experiences. Recently Fellowship Technologies themselves recently republished something from a recent blog entry, so I thought it was time to bundle everything together in one handy spot.

So, here are my Fellowship One related posts in one handy, easy to digest meal…

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Kick butt kiosks – Part II


DSC00338 Our “go-live” date for Fellowship One (F1) looms ever closer & with the kids department planning on doing their check-in training within the next week the pressure was on to get all our check-in kiosks up’n’going.

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Kick Butt Kiosks


After several months of planning, design and prototyping, our new checkin kiosks arrived just the other day.

For those of you who live and breath within the church IT world, those words may sound a little familiar. That’s because they’re lifted from inspired by this blog post from Jason Powell.

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