Australian Surface Pricing


In the early hours of this morning (Australian time), Microsoft announced it much anticipated Surface pricing and opened pre-orders. There has been a lot of excitement around Surface since Microsoft announced it back in June, so when there was news that pricing would be released, many of us techos waited with baited breath.

One thing that we’ve (begrudgingly) gotten used to here in Australia, is what we’ve come to know as the “Australia Tax”. That being, despite a very strong Australian Dollar, tech companies love to charge us more for our gadgets (surely it costs about the same, or even less, to ship containers from China to Australian as it does to the US). As of writing, 1AUD can buy 1.0266USD, so surely that should mean that we should pay less (in dollar for dollar terms) for a Surface in Australia than in the US? Well, no apparently.

Here’s a quick price breakdown for the base unit
(Surface for Windows RT, 32GB, no Touch Cover)

Store Local Price Converted Price
US 499USD 486.07AUD
Australia 559AUD 573.87USD

So, by my reckoning we’re paying $72.93 more just because we live in Australia.

Anyway, it’s not all bad news. Back in June, Microsoft said that the surface would be competitively priced against other tablets on the market (no second guess for what “other tablets” they were talking about). In fact it stacks up quite nicely. Take a look…


Serving People–A lesson from Microsoft


Last year I was a little cheesed off about something that I felt Microsoft should address. But who to contact. A bit of Googleing (or should I say Binging) later and I’d found Steve Ballmer’s email address. I sent my rant and I was done. I never expected a reply, let alone what happened next…

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Has the new Microsoft got it right?


Bing-iPhone In case you haven’t heard Microsoft has released Bing for the iPhone*. Personally I like the new warm fuzzy Microsoft, where their products work with other peoples’ without you having to do any hacking.

While I’m sure this exactly the right thing to do regarding promoting Bing, is Microsoft doing the right thing by releasing applications for a competing platform while Window Phone struggles?

This would never have happen before King Bill gave up his throne.

*Also available for Windows Phone, Blackberry and Sidekick

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