Gen 2: WP7 and carrier selection


Waaaay back in October 2010 I wrote about some of the confusion around carrier selection for Windows Phone and the fact that the websites from Microsoft, the carriers and the OEMs all seem to contradict themselves (to some extent) [link]. Well 14 months later we finally have some gen-2 handsets starting to hit the market, the Samsung Omnia W and the Nokia Lumia 710 and 800. Add to this that the various carriers have been doing network upgrades and, for the most part, the process this time ‘round is a lot easier, although not without it’s hazards, especially if you’re planning on buying an unlocked handset outright. To that end, Sheeds over at Windows Phone Down Under has written an excellent post.

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Is your church IT geek plugged in?


One the greatest problems doing IT in a church office is that it’s very easy to feel that you’re operating in a vacuum. Even in a larger church like Crossway where I have over 150 users on our system, I’m still the Lone Ranger (although I do have a casual Tonto who does come in about 1.5 days a week). So it’s very easy to get lost in the forest and see only trees.

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IT and the small church office – Part 3: Networking


Now that you have your PCs (or Macs) and a server or NAS, you’ll want to join all this stuff together and get online, and this is where a network comes in. Once upon a time this would have been a complex task, but today it truly is plug’n’play (or in the case of wireless, just “play”).

When you sign up for Internet access with your ISP, you’ll probably have an option to upgrade from the standard bundled modem to a router at a discounted price. This is a pretty good option as most will have four (wired) network ports plus wireless. If you need something with more ports or more features then have a look at products from Netgear or Linksys.

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