Another new year


It’s January 1 again. That time of the year when resolve to get things done (like my neighbour who, as I start writing, just broke the post NYE silence by firing up his line trimmer in an effort to get his garden under control), or to take a look back at the year gone by.

Even though I really haven’t blogged all that much this year, there were still a few good moments and people still came to read what I had to say (amazing!).

Here’s the top 5

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My top 5 of 2009


imageWell, 2009 is almost 17 hours in the past, so it’s time for a quick look back at my top 5 most popular blog posts for the year.

No. 5 – Movember

I participated in Movember last year and raised over $300 for men’s health.
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No. 4 – Pandora

After seeing James Cameron’s latest movie Avatar, I couldn’t help but blog about my experience.
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No. 3 – More Movember

Refer No. 5
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No. 2 – ChMS for Aussie Churches

Databases and Church Management Systems are a big deal for churches of all sizes. This was my attempt to point people in the right direction.
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And finally…

No. 1 – Disappointed Samsung

I like gadgets and I’d been holding out hope that the Samsung Omnia II would be the Windows Mobile uber-phone (and iPhone beater) that, on paper, it looked like it should be. Once I got to play with one, my hopes didn’t quite match reality. This post was by far the most popular, getting twice as many hits as No. 2 and some of the comments are classic.
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Thanks for reading my blog. Come back to see what happens Random-ly in 2010.

Pandora: I want to go there!


Avatar_wallpaper_07_800x600 Yesterday me and the Mrs took advantage of the fact that Max was spending the day with his grandparents and we went to see a movie. Actually that’s selling it a little short, what actually happened is that we were transported to another world… we went to see Avatar in 3D.

For anyone who’s seen a trailer for this movie, you’ve already worked out the storyline (pretty much), and were I to (attempt to)share details of the movie I really couldn’t tell you much more than that. That’s because this movie is sooooo much more than a movie, it’s an experience.

Here’s just a few points of my thoughts/feelings during and after the movie:

  • WHOA!!!!!!!
  • Stupid fricking arrogant humans
  • I want to go there (and hang with the Na’vi)
  • Man, I’m exhausted
    (I wish I’d been wearing a heart rate monitor as I suspect I was clocking at least 180bpm for the last hour or so)

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