IT and the small church office – Intro


Being the IT Admin at a large church affords me the freedom to do things the way any medium sized business would do things; First-tier PCs, multiple (virtual) servers, terabytes of RAID 5 disk, redundant DSL links etc. But don’t don’t think I don’t know how to do things on a small scale. In fact before I was full-time in my current position I did a day-a-week supporting a smaller church with just a couple of people in the office. Recently I’ve been thinking, how would I do it small-scale? Some of the ideas are mine, others came out of a group discussion we had at the very first Aussie CITRT hosted at this years Crossway Conference. So over the next few days, I’ll be sharing some of these ideas.

NB: These ideas are equally applicable to small businesses or home offices.

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