How I Instagram on Windows Phone


As an ex-iPhone user one of the things I miss on my Lumia 800 is Instagram. But this doesn’t mean I’m completely blocked from using the service.

There are a number of Instagram viewing apps available in the Windows Phone Store. My top three would probably be:

  2. Metrogram
  3. InstaCam

The main problem with all of these is that the Instagram API doesn’t allow for uploading, only viewing. Bummer. Uploading is only available via the official Instagram app, and there isn’t one for Windows Phone (yet). There have long been rumours of it happening (especially since the Android app was released), but now that Windows Phone 8 is out, they’ll probably skip Windows Phone 7 leaving all of us gen 1 and gen 2 device owners in the dark.

So, what to do?

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Photo by Fiona SchweersI have switched. For just over two years I have faithfully carried an iPhone 3GS in my pocket and it has been my (mostly) faithful companion. But the time had come to make the switch. Did I switch up to a swanky new iPhone 4S? Nope. Did I join the mass exodus over to Android and get a Galaxy Nexus? No (as nice a phone as it is). Did I get lobotomised and now think that I should get a Blackberry? No way. The only blackberry in my life is the jam I have on my toast of a morning. No, I chose the road less travelled and went with Windows Phone.

So, what exactly did I choose? I now have a very nice Nokia Lumia 800. I wont bore you with specs as they are very readily available elsewhere on the Internet. I am not even going to get bogged down in a technical comparison. What I do plan on doing is share some of my thoughts, over the coming weeks, of living with Windows Phone. Because my experience is isolated to the Lumia (apart from a brief Samsung encounter) I will not be able to separate my experience of the software from the hardware or vice-versa. That said, the first post will be about the hardware (which is fair enough, the first experience of any device is the hardware as you unbox it). Expect part one to land in about a week (or so).

NB: If you are interested in a raw technical comparison, check out

Gen 2: WP7 and carrier selection


Waaaay back in October 2010 I wrote about some of the confusion around carrier selection for Windows Phone and the fact that the websites from Microsoft, the carriers and the OEMs all seem to contradict themselves (to some extent) [link]. Well 14 months later we finally have some gen-2 handsets starting to hit the market, the Samsung Omnia W and the Nokia Lumia 710 and 800. Add to this that the various carriers have been doing network upgrades and, for the most part, the process this time ‘round is a lot easier, although not without it’s hazards, especially if you’re planning on buying an unlocked handset outright. To that end, Sheeds over at Windows Phone Down Under has written an excellent post.

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Lumia in Australia


600-nokia-lumia-800_groupSo today was Melbourne’s turn to welcome the Nokia Lumia bandwagon (Twitter: #NokiaLumiaAU). I was unable to attend the event, so I’m not really in a place to comment. However, as the posts start to immerge from others, I’ll publish some links. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on a demo or review unit sometime soon(ish), but until then, here are some useful links…

More info from around the web

Another new year


It’s January 1 again. That time of the year when resolve to get things done (like my neighbour who, as I start writing, just broke the post NYE silence by firing up his line trimmer in an effort to get his garden under control), or to take a look back at the year gone by.

Even though I really haven’t blogged all that much this year, there were still a few good moments and people still came to read what I had to say (amazing!).

Here’s the top 5

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State of confusion: WP7 and carrier selection


Samsung Omnia 7On Monday (Tuesday here in Oz) Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer stood on a stage in New York to announce the arrival (almost) to consumers of Windows Phone 7. A few hours later in Sydney the Australian announcement was made.

One of the things that bugs me a little are carrier exclusives. This is one of the great thing about the iPhone here in Australia, it’s available from all the carriers. It’s not exclusive to one. I feel a little sorry for friends in the US who can only use their iPhone on AT&T’s over burdened network.


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