He already used up second but


F1Cooking1Hopefully you’re reading that heading and thinking, what the? Well, a few weeks back Fellowship Technology posted a video on their YouTube and Vimeo channels which is the the F1 Cooking Show Episode 1. The feature “recipe” (idea) comes from yours truly.

One of the really fun feature that the folk at YouTube have introduced of recent times, is the Closed Captions feature. This is computer transcription of the audio. I say this is a fun feature because there is no way anyone could ever use it for serious purpose, like actually understanding what’s being said.

So, here for your pleasure is the transcription text:

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The Fellowship One Roundup


login_f1_logoSince last year I’ve blogged a little bit about some of our Fellowship One implementation experiences. Recently Fellowship Technologies themselves recently republished something from a recent blog entry, so I thought it was time to bundle everything together in one handy spot.

So, here are my Fellowship One related posts in one handy, easy to digest meal…

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Databases/ChMS for Aussie Churches


781602_index_box Whether your church has 50 or 5000 people, you need to store information about them. At the very least that information is their address and phone number, in a larger scenario it would extend to group involvement, rosters, donations, attendance etc. In the olden days (BC – before computers) this was done on index cards and the like. Today a small church may maintain a list of people in an Excel spreadsheet. These are all tools, and as the church becomes more and more tech savvy the range of tools on offer is ever expanding.

This post is not meant to be a review as I haven’t seen all of these products firsthand, but it’s merely a pointer to some of the tools that are out there and are suitable to Aussie churches.

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